Q. Do you guys sell products or services? 

A. We actually do! We specialize in very high end travel gear specially designed for families who love to travel with their kids. You can find these products on our store page here under 'travel gear' or by searching on Amazon. 

Q. Where go you live? 

A. Our travel brand 'MyTribe' was founded by 2 families. One lives in Los Angeles (USA) and the other lives in London (UK). 

Q. Do you guys have jobs or just travel all of the time?

A. We do have full time careers! As much as we'd love to spend 100% of our time travelling, that takes money. The 2 families that started 'MyTribe' have 9 kids between them and they take money to support! 

Q. How can you afford to travel so much with children? Isn't that expensive? 

A. A big reason of creating this website is to show how we do this. Neither of our families are millionaires and you don't have to be either to experience the world with your children. You can find amazing travel deals, plan in advance, and make it happen. Our website aims to help with ideas to doing just that.