About Our Tribe

MyTribe was founded by two close friends and their wives to create a space to share our world with like minded people. We have a few core beliefs:

1) the world is beautiful and full of amazing people...despite what we hear in the news

2) you can absolutely travel with limited budgets and multiple kids and create incredible memories

Take it from us...we have 9 kids between us and have made every effort to see new cultures, new cities and countries, and explore the beauty within our own countries.

We firmly believe that travel with an open mind is the antidote to the poison that the news and today's political climate. We don't claim to be the most interesting people in the world nor to have visited every country (working on that), but we really aim to connect with people who believe in the value of taking their kids with them for the benefit of their families and ultimately the world.

We want provide destination reviews, travel tips of managing long trips with big families, and hopefully meet some cool people who think like us.