The only way to do Versailles with a Family!

Bike Versailles!

We wanted to see the pristine gardens and the glamorous lifestyle of the Palace of Versailles but didn't think it was a very family friendly idea.  Then we came across Fat Tire Bike Tours.  We spent over a week in Paris and the surrounding areas and this tour and this day was by far our kids' favorite.  

We met our tour group in Paris and they fitted us with bikes and helmets.  They were super friendly and the kids immediately were comfortable with our amazing tour guide.  

We had a short and easy ride through Paris just long enough to get our bikes to the train station.  Once there, our bikes disappeared until we got off the train in Versailles.  The company took care of everything.  We rode through the streets of the adorable town and stopped at the local market to pick up fresh food for our picnic lunch.  The choices were amazing and the bikes came with baskets to store our purchases until lunchtime.  


Although, the fresh French baguettes were just too good to wait.

The tour included stops at the country cottage of Marie Antoinette , the gardens, the groves and the fountains.  Along the way witty commentary and fascinating history kept both young and old entertained.  

We picnicked along the reflective ponds.  Glazing at the sensational palace, sipping French champagne and savouring the local cheeses, meats, and breads was breathtaking and a family experience we will not long forget.  


The bike tour included a tour of the palace as well.  The opulence of the palace was incredible.  It is easy to imagine the local starving people of France becoming disgruntled at the sheer abundance of wealth within the walls of the palace. It is a top tourist destination and quite crowded.  The outside grounds were much more kid friendly.


The kids loved the bikes, loved the palace, and learned quite a bit of history.  A day well spent!


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