Get ready for a trip to the "Paris of the East"!

Prague is more than just amazing beer. It's really amazing for families as well. We went to Prague in February, in the heart of off season, and it was still incredible. It's very affordable destination for families and you'll benefit from seeing one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Your kids will love it! Here's how we prepared for the trip. 
  1. Read Storybooks

Check your local library for stories about Czech history, culture and folklore.  They are bound to have some great non-fiction and if you are lucky you might grab a captivating fictional tale. Remember when you are searching that Czech is part of what once was called Bohemia. 


  1. Get cooking

Try your hand at some authentic Czech cuisine.  If your kids are old enough let them help pick the menu and make the feast.  Try such dishes as:  svickova na smetane (marinated sirloin), vepro knedlo zelo (roasted duck), rizek (schnitzel), sekana pecene (baked minced meat) or dumplings.


  1. Visit Czech restaurants in your area

This will be easier for some than others depending on your location.  Other cultural cuisines that would be similar to Czech would include:  Slovaks, Bavarians, Austrians, or Polish. 


  1. Search YouTube for great informational videos

When searching for clips that I want my kids to watch, I ALWAYS view them in their entirety first to ensure they are appropriate.  Some search ideas might be:  Good King Wenceslas, Czech folklore for kids, Czech history for kids, St. George slaying the dragon for kids.  (I typically put ‘for kids’ at the end of my YouTube searches to get a more kid friendly result)


  1. Hit the cinemas

Watch a movie either filmed in or about Czech.  Yentl, Amadeus, The Trial, Les Misérables (1998), The Illusionist, Slaughterhouse-Five and Mission: Impossible were all filmed in Czech.  Unfortunately, these may not be the most kid friendly picks. 

Rick Steve’s has a thorough list of films and books to check out about Czechia. 

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