The Paris your Kids will Love


Best 4 Things for Families in Paris

  1. Jardin du Luxembourg

Paris has so many amazing parks, but Jardin du Luxembourg takes the cake!  Paris was so many museums and adult friendly sites that it is absolutely necessary to find a gem like this park for the kids. 


       Poussin Vert is an amazing playground right inside the park.  You have a pay a minimal amount to enter but it is totally worth it.  The fee lasts all day, just be sure to get your hand stamped.  The playground is completely fenced and features something for all ages.


     Le Theatre des Marionettes is a marvellous puppet show for kids.  They have special seating in the front just for the little ones.  It is all in French, but the humour will not last due to language!


     Les Bateaux a Voiles is not to be missed.  Grab your little ones and sail boat and stick and let them lose on the water. 


        Stroll the perfectly manicured grounds the enjoy the life of leisure basking in the sunshine like a true Parisian.


  1. Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

The view from Sacre Coeur is as magnificent as the view within.  Seated atop the best hill in Paris, the city lies below awaiting exploration. 


Montmartre is the quintessential artistic district.  Watch as local artist paint portraits and take home a truly unique souvenir. 

  1. Louvre


Yes, the Louvre.  If done correctly, your kids will love as much as you.  Before your trip, check out some art books from your library and investigate some of the truly amazing pieces of artwork.  Find which ones your kids really like and be sure to visit those.  Lure them in with the stories that lie behind so many of the paintings, like Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People.  Set them up by a favorite painting with a sketchpad and let them create their own masterpiece.    Tip:  Take a stroller.  Not only will you want to cover a lot of ground, but most importantly you can skip the queue and get the family fast track into the museum!

  1. Eiffel Tower


The iconic Paris sight!  Of course you must see it, but how to really do it so that your kids don’t just look and then whine for the next neat thing?  Arrive right before dusk.  Spread a blanket and enjoy a picnic full of delicious French cheeses, wine, bread and lots of tasty treats.  Then find the hidden playground in the southeast corner and let them run and play until dark.  Then the true magic begins.  The tower lights up and twinkles magically.  Hot and tired from running in the playground, your kids will be memorised by the sight!


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