Family fun in Granada


The place of storybook fantasies:  Granada, home of the largest tourist destination in Spain- Alhambra.  Granada is one of our favourite places in Spain.  The streets have a magical feel of a time long ago.  The entire city begs you to sit back and relax and enjoy life. 

  1. Alhambra

Originally constructed as a small fortress in 889 AD on the remains of Roman fortification, it was largely revitalised mid-13th century to be the gorgeous palace of today.

With nearly two million people visiting the palace each year and approximately 8,500 per day, it is a high demand site- but definitely worth it. You MUST schedule and buy tickets in advance.  We learned this the hard way and did not get to go in the palace, although the grounds were also spectacular.      

  1. Flamenco Show


Granada is famous for its unique style of flamenco called Zambra which originates from the gypsies in the caves of Sacromonte.  There are all sorts of shows, the trick is to find one that will suit your family:  private shows, small dinner shows in caves, large ball room type shows.  The music, the outfits and the dancing are something your kids are likely to not forget. 


  1. Carmen de los Martires

We stumbled upon this gem purely by accident yet it become a highlight of the trip.  Carmen de los Martires is a 19th century palace with beautiful gardens overlooking Alhambra. We spent an afternoon strolling through the gardens, playing in the ponds, admiring the peacocks, and playing make believe princess in the tower. 

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