Madrid for Two Days with Family


Madrid is the capital of Spain and a bustling metropolis.  Our visit was short but noteworthy.  We devoted two days at the end of a tour of southern Spain to this city.  The kids were tired after 10 days of trapezing through the beauty that is southern Spain and we weren’t sure how they would handle the city.  Madrid had so much to offer that it was a hit.  The streets are easy to navigate and the bus and train systems were clean and easy.  Walking the streets of this vibrant city was pure entertainment itself.  Every corner was a new plaza or street performer or gorgeous building or street fair. 

  1. Royal Palace



The Royal Palace is the official residence of the royal family and the top tourist attraction in Madrid.  We arrived early and the queue to enter was already winding the street.  The ‘skip the line’ options would be great for this site.  Knowing our kids and the end of our trip, we decided not to wait the line but admired the palace from the gates and played in the gardens. 


  1. Plaza Mayor


Plaza Mayor is the largest plaza in Madrid and an enormous open square filled with any type of amusement you could imagine.  Wandering the plaza and soaking in the entertainment is a must.


  1. Retiro Park




Please don’t miss this park.  Tree lined paths, gorgeous fountains, ponds and paddle boating, ice cream and tasty treats, and playgrounds make this a must for families.  Take a seat and watch a local puppet show.  Push your kids on the swings and strike a conversation with the friendly local mums and dads.  Watch as your kids giggle and play with children where there is no language barrier.  Rent a bike and pedal the park.


  1. Eat Churros

Delicious, warm and sweet!  Churros are everywhere and should be sampled often! 

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