Cordoba with Kids


Cordoba is a stunning city in Spain’s Andalusia region and you don’t want to miss it!  Over one thousand years ago Cordoba was a sophisticated cultural city flourishing as Islam, Christianity and Judaism coexisted in peace and prosperity.  The blend of the three religions is apparent today in the gorgeous architecture of a city that feels as though it was made for a movie.

            Cordoba has lots to offer, but these are our top five.

  1. Mezquita


This site alone is reason enough to visit Cordoba.  It is not possible to fully describe the beauty and aura of this massive religious structure.  Once a place of worship for Muslims and Christians side by side, one feels there are lessons to be learned for current day hidden within the walls.  Don’t miss a chance to let your kids play in the fountains and park within the Mezquita walls! 

  1. Roman Bridge

Walk across this pedestrian bridge and take yourself back in time as you gaze upon the glorious backdrop of the city.  Be sure to take a stroll at night and be awe-inspired by the majestic view of the ancient city. Each end of the bridge boosts another point of interest.  The Calahorra Tower to the south and the Puerta del Puente to the north. See if your kids can find the old water wheel on the north side. 

  1. Jewish Quarter

The 11th and 12th centuries boosted a large and flourishing Jewish population.  The winding picturesque alleyways of Juderia are reminiscent of that time.  Get lost in the white streets and flower patios as your wander past little boutiques and quaint cafes.  There is also a large synagogue worth a visit that dates to the 14th century.

  1. Alcazar de los Reyes

Alcazar de los Reyes which translate to ‘Castle of the Christian Kings’ is a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine and tranquillity while your kids explore the foundations and pools in the gardens.  It is quite inexpensive to enter and worth a look for a break from the ancient buildings.  Be sure to bring snacks and drinks as there is no café.

  1. Green spaces in the city

There is a lovely long greenway beginning in the north just off of the Avenue of America and leading the entire way to the river.  It encompasses several gardens:  Jardin de Agriculture, Jardines del Vallellano, and Jardin de Victoria as the largest.  We travelled then daily from our hotel to the center of city by the river and thoroughly enjoyed them as a wonderful part of Cordoba.  Playgrounds, markets, street food, wildlife and ponds fill the parks.  It was a wonderful way to begin and end our day and the kids never complained about the walk back to the hotel as it was so exciting!  Don’t miss Mercado Victoria in the park which houses several vendors with absolutely amazing food. 

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