Béziers, France ~ a hidden gem for families: quaint, affordable, and so much to do!


Béziers and surrounding area

Nestling in the Languedoc region of southern France, Beziers is a small peaceful off the beaten track gorgeous town.  The kids had two weeks off for term break so we searched skyscanner.com and found a fabulous flight deal for Beziers.  To be honest, we had no idea where it was at first.  After a quick google search, we realized this would be the perfect spot to explore a bit of southern France and another opportunity at the Mediterranean Sea.

After a super early flight out of London, hence the cheap ticket price, we arrived at Bezier’s airport.  The kids were in awe at how small it was.  The plane literally pulled up to the front door and let us out!  The entire plane formed a single line for customs.  I would recommend trying to get towards the beginning or middle of the line if you are planning on taking the bus into town.  The bus schedules run with the flights.  If you miss the one to town planned for your flight, it might be awhile until your next.  

Our family enjoyed a week in Beziers and some surrounding areas.  We will share with you our favorites.

1.  Cathedrale Saint-Nazare de Beziers


Poised atop of the hillside overlooking the city below is the Cathedrale Saint-Nazare de Beziers.  Dating to the thirteenth century, the Cathedrale Saint-Nazare de Beziers is certainly worth the visit.  The interior is so overwhelmingly vast, the ancient original pipe organ so impressive and alter so ornate that it is hard to imagine this cathedral could be supported by such a rural region.  From the gardens you had a magnificent view of the French county-side and the Roman bridges.  Tip:  check opening times for the interior of the cathedral.  They vary depending on the season and day.  Entry is free but a donation is requested. 

2.  Roman Amphitheatre

Hidden in the historic center of town are ancient remains of a Roman Amphitheatre.  This is so interesting because it was not well published or even well marked.  We simply walked in, no fee, no workers, no fanfare:  Ancient Roman ruins just part of the town.  Enjoy the chance for a history lesson and gladiator battle as local cats wander through the ruins.  Tip:  Pick up a map from the Tourism Office across from Town Hall.  You can't miss the office and they are super helpful!  The sites on their maps are numbered and the numbers correspond to signs throughout the city.

3.  Parc des Poetes (Poets Park)


Every European city or town seems to have an amazing park.  Beziers is no exception- Poets Park did not disappoint.  The highlight was a little stream the kids found.  After spotting it and playing a bit the first day, they decided to build boats and sail them the next.  Such fun!  There is a pond to watch ducks, a small cafe, a wonderful playground and loads of beautiful flowers.  There are several statues of French poets throughout the park, hence Poets Park.

4.  Canal Du Midi


The canal runs north and south from Bezier.  We chose to head south toward the sea.  The path was paved and very picturesque.  We could detour a bit and bike through a nature preserve which enabled us to view wild horses, sheep, donkeys, flamingos and numerous other native birds.  You pass through the quaint village of Serignan, a perfect place for a snack.  The path leads you to the beautiful beach of Serignan Plage.  There you will find amazing seaside restaurants and a great beach with tranquil waters.   Tip:  Use Relax Bike Tours.  They were super helpful and fitted us with safe bikes, waters, and any gear we could possibly need.  They gave us maps and recommended the best paths for us with the kids.  They are conveniently located at the south corner of Alles de Paul Riquet making the ride to the bike path super easy.  We even got the view a boat going through the locks on the canal.  

5.  Mediterranean Sea


We had two sea experiences while in Beziers.  Above I mentioned Serginan Beach in which we could easily bike.  We also took the bus to Valras Plage.  This was a great beach for the kids.  There were SO many seashells!  Along the beach is playground after playground to keep the kids busy after they are done with the sea.  The town has numerous beach side restaurants and don't worry about forgetting your beach gear.  The stores have everything you could possibly every need.  Tip:  In Beziers, get the bus at DeGalle Station.  Check the times prior to the trip to ensure limited wait time.  You use cash to pay the driver.  They were super friendly and helpful.  Locals in Valras Plage stopped in the middle of the street to make sure we knew where we were going.  

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