Avebury ~ ancient stone ruins your kids will love

We thought about Stonehenge, but then remembered the lines and all the people and the cost and lines and the lines and you can not even get close enough to the stones to touch them and the lines...then we found Avebury.

Avebury is a mystical village nestled among one of the greatest marvels of prehistoric England.  Built in the Neolithic time period (between 2850 BC and 2200 BC) this stone circle is awe-inspiring.  It was surreal walking through the stones wondering what life must have been like nearly 4500 years ago and what motivated the people to build such monuments.  The idea that Jamie may arrive around any corner added a little excitement as well :)  That is an Outlander reference for all the fans!

This picture is from the English Heritage Site and is a great example of the site from above.

We hopped off the bus into a tiny little English village and were surrounded by the massive stones.  Strolling through the fields, playing on the stones and chasing sheep is what weekends are made for!

Above the stones is a large circular ditch, the top of which is a chalk walkway.  (I didn't know what that meant either, but the ground is literally natural chalk!)  We hiked around the circle marvelling at the stone monuments from above and picnicked with the view.

As if the Avebury Stones were not enough, then we hiked a bit further to Silbury Hill.  "Silbury Hill stands 30 metres high and 160 metres wide, and its construction is estimated to have involved about 4 million man hours of work. Half a million tonnes of material, mostly chalk, were used to create it." - English Heritage Site

Wait there is more...an ancient burial tomb!  The boys thought they were in the newest filming of Indiana Jones with this one!



In the town is a wonderful museum/ information center.  The inside was a very informative display about the area and stones.  The outside was littered with game after game for kids to play.  They also had very clean restroom facilities. 


Be sure to save time for a stop at the pub before heading home.


Put this on your must see list.  Avebury is brilliant!


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